Episode 3: Dreams, Fantasies, and Desires

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Le texte suivant est une retranscription du chat de discussion qui a eu lieu pendant la diffusion en direct (depuis San Francisco) de l'épisode 3 "Dreams, Fantasies, and Desires", le 13 juillet 2016 ///
The following is a transcript of the chat discussion that took place during the live broadcast (from San Francisco) of "Secrets, Anonymity, and Transparency" on 13 july 2016
operator: Hello world!
Alexander: Hello Operator !
operator: Hi Alexander!
operator: How are you doing?
operator: and thanks for programming this site!
Alexander: Kind of tired I guess
Alexander: And you are very Welcome !
operator: what time is it where you are?
ah: hello bonjour!
Alexander: ahhhhhhh
Alexander: ah
Alexander: like 4am
operator: hi ah!
operator: we are two minutes away from launch!
operator: thank you everyone out there for joining us for the second broadcast of this dreamy episode
operator: the first block of videos will include work by Arthur Fléchard about robot vaccuum cleaners, an interview with Professor Martial Van der Linden
operator: a film derive by Joseph Simmons, and a meditative wonder by Laura Kim!
Alexander: Everyone should have a black screen now
Alexander: video will start soon :)
Alexander: is that ok ?
operator: I see it now!
ah: yes it works
Alexander: wonderful
L&L: LOVE the star trek backdrop
operator: L&L, welcome!
ah: hi L&L
L&L: hello! happy and excited to be here
operator: I didn't write that welcome! Gah, someone got into the interface
operator: though I do welcome you, L&L!
operator: "a space of character"
echochamber: hello
Alexander: Hello !
echochamber: nice beats
operator: welcome echochamber!
ah: hi echochamber!
echochamber: hey ah, are you the same ah I met last week at All Star Donuts?
operator: it is recommended to go full screen for these subtitled videos!
operator: so this chat may be quiet for awhile... shhhh....
echochamber: ssshhhhhhh........
ah: mmmhhhhh maybe?
echochamber: mmmmmhhhhh?
echochamber: that is not instructive the way sshhhhh is
echochamber: it's expressive
echochamber: false memories are expressive...
operator: echochamber, how do you mean?
echochamber: whoa, I was right. they are expressive of desire
echochamber: isn't that what he is getting at?
mahmoud: maybe!
mahmoud: quick sidenote shoutout: the layout of this site scales beautifully
operator: welcome mahmoud!
mahmoud: hello!
mahmoud: subs mean i have to jump between the chat and video a little differently tho
operator: echochamber, that is an interesting point
operator: thanks, mahmoud! that is compliment for Alexander :)
L&L: I dig the music
mahmoud: https://twitter.com/mhashemi/status/771169388212793344
operator: So the footage for this video was taken during a meandering journey through Brooklyn, NY. in the words of the dude who made it: I took the B60 bus to Williamsburg Plaza. There I began to walk and discovered of extreme angles of bridges and skylines. I walked down N 6th St to Kent Ave, then jaunted to Grand Ferry Park, where the shoot ended. Overnight, I captured and rendered the footage and fell asleep with my journal next to my bed. Upon waking, I recorded the dream which appears onscreen in mere moments. This provided the template for the edited project which appears thereafter.
operator: so it's like you go out, shoot something, with the hope that that experience then influences the dreams you have, then you write down your dream as soon as you wake up, and then use the footage you shot to make a representation of that dream
operator: L&L - yea, cool tunes!
lauraonsale: o hai!: oh hai!
lauraonsale: o hai!: oh hai!: ohh hai!
echochamber: so is this film expressing this guy's dreams or his desires? are they the same? are these images just symbols that represent what happened in his dream, or did images like this actually appear in his dream?
operator: HI lauraonsale!
operator: welcome!
operator: Mahmoud, nice status
mahmoud: i like an air of mystery
mahmoud: why so exuberant lauraonsale
operator: echochamber, I think the images do all of those things
operator: okay!
lauraonsale: *sigh* life
operator: discussion time!
lauraonsale: that joe dood seems super chill
operator: special prize to the person who identifies the film in the background of the countdown video
L&L: I guess i'm seeing it as both...and something to be said about the inability for us to distinguish dreams from illusions from reality
operator: L&L, does that happen to you a lot?
L&L: so I have a question for the group, inspired by the discussion of memory:
operator: yes!
lauraonsale: o hai!: i like questions!
L&L: is there a memory that you thought, for "so long," to be true - and turned out to be...something otherwise?
operator: I have one memory that I still believe is true though others tell me that it isn't
L&L:: like constructed memories?
mahmoud: i have like, facts that I recited as a young'n
L&L: whatever comes to mind
operator: mine is maybe a bit obscene!
L&L: alas!
mahmoud: oh dear
operator: but I'll just say it, I was very young and I put a bar of soap somewhere I shouldn't. I remember it. I just wanted to be really clean. and then it was bad. but eventually okay
operator: haha
L&L: (can I ask who else is L&L because some of these aren't my responses)
operator: but my mother claims that this actually happened to my sister (!)
lauraonsale: whoa
operator: haha
operator: now that's in the permanent record :p
mahmoud: hahaha
echochamber: I remember going on a walk in a dark forest and finding a strange shiny object buried in a bush
echochamber: I brought it home and put it in a tiny box, which I treasured
mahmoud: but then the box was empty??
echochamber: it was a button or something. then when I was older, I showed it to my aunt and told her the story and she said that her husband had given me that button,
echochamber: and then the next day, yes, the box was empty
L&L: <the real L&L: Mahmoud, and?
echochamber: and my aunt said it never happened
L&L: < what do you think was in there?
mahmoud: your aunt sounds really tricky
operator: any other memories for the last 45 seconds?
echochamber: Auntie Penny
burnt creme brulee: RV dreams
mahmoud: what was the movie?
mahmoud: i thought it was M for a sec
lauraonsale: i can't think of anything specific at the moment...
L&L: (sorry, echochamber & Mahmoud that I confused you, too btw. clearly this old broad can't keep up)
mahmoud: hahaha, not a problem at all
L&L: ugh *two and so many other grammatical errors*** in that statement
mahmoud: maybe everyone should have randomly colored pastels
mahmoud: why are phones so dang desirable is my question
lauraonsale: because they are~
operator: mahmoud, the movie was Wild Strawberries
operator: phones are keys to your desires!
operator: or so it seems..
operator: like any communications technology they promise to bring you entertainment as well as connections to other people who make your life better
lauraonsale: cooool vid
operator: but they fit in your pocket!
lauraonsale: also, having the internet in the palm of your hands is desirable... unless you prefer being disconnected
L&L: i didn't think much of it, but now after this second video am considering the Roomba and its possible metaphor for... my own life
mahmoud: lollin
operator: L&L, your life connects to the Roomba, how
operator: ?
echochamber: man I love critical visions
echochamber: false humanist morals
echochamber: all humanist morales are false
Dale Hoyt: The Ladies Man! My favorite film, by Jerry Lewis!
operator: Dale!! welcome!
L&L: at risk of sounding macabre.... cleaning up life and then, with accident, founding oneself on fire. and surviving nonetheless.
Dale Hoyt: Is he really huge in France?
operator: Dale, is there a Goddard film that was inspired by that house in the Ladies Man?
operator: I feel like I heard something about that but can't recall what film it is, or if that is a real connection
Dale Hoyt: I don't know. I just know that it was the most exspensive set ever built for that time
operator: Oh wow!
operator: I think he is big in france - are there any french people out there now who can confirm?
Dale Hoyt: Three stories and in the film he pulls out to see the entire structure and you can see the lights in the rafters in some prints.
L&L: i agree with the commentary about the female characters. and - the narrator implied and i agree that there is always greater depth behind that, something that may not always rise readily to the surface
lauraonsale: ________ $$$$$$$$$$ _________$_________$$ _________$_$$$$$$$_$$ _________$_$_____$_$$ _________$_$_____$_$$ _________$_$_____$_$$ _________$_$_____$_$$ _________$_$$$$$$$_$$ _________$_________$$ __________$$$$$$$$$$ _________$_________$$ ________$_1__2__3_$$$ _______$_4__5__6_$$$ ______$_7__8__9_$$$ _____$_*__0__#_$$$ ____$_________$$$ _____$$$$$$$$$$$ ______$$$$$$$$$
operator: Dale - whoa! was that intentional to have the lights in the rafters visible?
echochamber: love that watery crinkly rainy sound
lauraonsale: ^ same!
operator: lauraonsale - nice
operator: L&L - what's the greater depth?
Dale Hoyt: Well it could have been a flub or a Brechtian break
Dale Hoyt: Its hard to tell with Jerry. But prob the latter
operator: why is it only in some prints if it was the latter?
mahmoud: i enjoyed the crinkly glittery stop motion, shoutout to foil and colors
operator: yes to foil and colors!
mahmoud: lacan says: like and subscribe
operator: do yo really think he would?
Dale Hoyt: Distributors have different strikes of masters.
mahmoud: no he'd probably have a grad student do it for him
Dale Hoyt: I saw it at Misueum of the Moving Image. It was Jery's print
echochamber: the stopmotion was really cool, makes me appreciate material, and tangibility in a way live action films don't
Dale Hoyt: but the DVD also has the lights.
Dale Hoyt: Oh I like this piece.
mahmoud: nice
L&L: so i am curious... if we abandon anatomy.. how do we describe the actions of the mind?
mahmoud: hehehe oh no all my physical analogs
mahmoud: analogues?
echochamber: L&L - through metaphor to electricity?
operator: echochamber - interesting
operator: what is the physical substance of a thought?
echochamber: signals travel across a nerve fiber...
L&L: if we were forced to draw them on a piece of paper, abandoning the rules of "anatomy," what would we draw?
operator: I think everyone would draw something different!
operator: that would be a cool excercise
L&L: operator - good question
operator: writing about what we would draw would add an unneccessary layer of abstraction!
operator: we should all draw that
echochamber: I would draw a blank page
echochamber: words suffice to say that
echochamber: thought is empty
echochamber: that is the whole point
operator: the point of what?
L&L: or that thought is indescribale
Dale Hoyt: All great
operator: Dale, thanks!
L&L: "to observe life in the primary sense....and has little to do with the artifact of the world" that was poignant in the context of this discussion
operator: I forgot to mention before - try clicking on the Horga'hn statue in the background
operator: it's especially interesting to see the images it results in with this music and switch between that and hte video
mahmoud: hahaha i was just looking at that
lauraonsale: LOL
mahmoud: i have a horgahn pin
L&L: cool!
echochamber: mahmoud, I do too
mahmoud: hehehe mine was a gift, as all horgahn probably should be
echochamber: it is the size of my fist
mahmoud: !
L&L: appreciate the Dio
mahmoud: mine is lapelworthy
mahmoud: catch me on cspan with the horgahn
mahmoud: yeah these are some respectable gifs
operator: Politics do maybe need more Jamaharon
operator: Okay - so time for the concluding discussion!
lauraonsale: i'm digging this soundtrack
operator: it is only 7 minutes long, which I think is maybe too short
operator: lauraonsale, thanks!
operator: it's all public domain!
mahmoud: life's too short for worrying about the shortness
L&L: props to 'rainbow in the dark' :)
operator: yea! props to Lady Lazar :)
operator: so - who hear thinks in words?
mahmoud: hehe some of us think phonetically i suspect
lauraonsale: i'm more of a visual thinker... words follow
lauraonsale: or ... do i follow words
mahmoud: but i think in words when i'm looking to make words on the page, but otherwise it's a lot of pictures and emphatic pointing
operator: mahmoud what do you mean think phonetically?
L&L: i think in images, possibly surprising consider i'm the most verbose here
mahmoud: here/hear ;D
mahmoud: "so - who hear thinks in words?"
operator: but you can think the sound of words in your head
operator: that's what I mean
lauraonsale: how many of you "who thinks in words" are multi/bi-lingual?
operator: I think in a mixture
lauraonsale: wonder if there is any correlation
lauraonsale: this music is making me antsy now lololol
operator: does cinema connect to the way you experience thought?
mahmoud: i'm multilingual, but it's weird, the words that originate for non-english have this opaqueness, like I couldn't fully tell you from whence they're coming
mahmoud: and it's pretty exhausting
mahmoud: when i speak chinese, it's like i'm sticking blocks together and running the words through my head over and over to see if they sound right
operator: mahmoud, do you still feel that opaqueness when you're in a setting in which you speak a language other than english for most of the day for many days at a time?
mahmoud: so that's trying to make words to get the point across, but i assume that's a lack of fluency
mahmoud: yeah totally
mahmoud: like i can tell you, in a very limited capacity, what works, but not why it works
operator: does the idea of attempting to speak a different language connect to the idea of how a film is shown, whether the studio or the directors cut?
operator: to connect back to what Dale was saying about the Jerry Lewis film
L&L: so i'd be curious - perhaps the subject of future conversation - what words resonate strongly but have no translation in the other language
L&L: ?
operator: ?
mahmoud: yeah i don't know so much about cinema, but as to what L&L is saying, it's not so much what words don't have translations, but what doesn't come through with the translation
mahmoud: that's what i mean about the opaqueness
mahmoud: i know the translation, but i don't really feel the true meaning of the words
operator: oops
L&L: thanks, Mahmoud. you're right that to reduce it to a word is probably artificial. hopefully we'll meet again and i'll have the opportunity to hear more about what you think of that :)
mahmoud: i hope so!
mahmoud: but to your point, i think this is why people so casually learn the bad words of another language first :)
operator: haha
mahmoud: people curse readily when they don't know the weight of the words they speak
mahmoud: that was fun, thank you!
mahmoud: i'll keep an eye out for the next one :)
operator: so the part that was cut out in that concluding video was: We hope you have found something of value in today's program, and that when you close this browser window, you feel invigorated in some way to foster a collective peace between reality and fantasy in your daily life, both the internal life of your thoughts, and the external live of your relations with others, who you endeavor to inspire to do the same. Go forth!
operator: thanks, mahmoud!
operator: thanks everyone for joining
Alexander: Thanks Operator and thanks to all
L&L: yes, thank you!!! thank you for organizing this!!
Alexander: it was great
operator: it's always hard for me to leave this window!
ah: thanks!
Alexander: :)
operator: I feel like we just started a ton of conversations that should be returned to at some point
operator: may we go forth and continue those conversations
mahmoud: agreed
mahmoud: and alexander, it's a nice space, thanks again :)
L&L: god speed
mahmoud: peace!
L&L: in the star trek sense, that is
Alexander: thanks mahmoud
operator: peace!
operator: god speed in star trek sense?
Alexander: all the best
operator: let's all go watch some star trek
L&L: thank you, operator, and everyone!
operator: thank you L&L!
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