The following is a transcript of the chat discussion that took place during the live broadcast (from Paris) of "Empathy, Knowledge and (Self) Government" on 14 November 2018.

Operator: Welcome (almost) to the fifth episode of the BCC Channel, Empathy, Knowledge, and (Self) Government ! We will be starting in 30 minutes
Operator: In this episode, we invite you to think about the following as we dive into a diverse array of moving image works:
Operator: In today’s often disembodied social space, where bonds in the private sphere face a perpetual desire for public recognition and publicity, reputation and « being seen, » the public discourse focuses on the fear of others, on new mythologies of invasion, presenting the quest for truth as a vain pursuit, and encouraging the impulse to protect oneself from a supposedly dangerous « outside » that could threaten one’s way of life. Meanwhile, global politics are dominated by governments that turn toward control in domains of free speech, migration, and social and economic mechanisms that guide culture. In the workplace, the pressure to work more, thanks in part to being « always connected » is fed by the small amount of meaningful jobs available and the anxiety of being replaceable. In such conditions, brain space for free thinking, for well-being and for the search of meaning in our lives, becomes exponentially more scarce, as our platforms and spaces for expression appear to become, somewhat paradoxically, more plentiful. In this context, we propose to explore how empathy and free knowledge could re:work institutions, ways of governing, capacities to organize, private spaces, public discourses, personal and professional relationships, and administrations, making the structural systems of self-censorship, limitation, compliance, and competition obsolete. We will look at how individual and group initiatives, authors, artists and researchers have been looking for new and renewed ways of working, living, loving, thinking, nourishing, and being together in a complex and conflicted world.
Operator: This episode features videos, films, stories, and conversations from/with: Laetitia Sonami Ammar al-Beik Bertolt Brecht Serge Tisseron Radio Souriali Elisabeth Atjay Kepler 452b Gígja Jónsdóttir Mako Ishizuka Edward Said Aghyad Abou Koura Arthur Fléchard David Bayus and visitors of La Panacée MoCo Contemporary Art Center
Yovo: 👀
Operator: Hi Yovo!
Operator: welcome to BCC 5
Alexander: Hello !
Operator: Hi Alexander!
Operator: How is everyone today?
Alexander: Very fine and you ?
Alexander: Hello Yovo
Operator: excellent!
Alexander: Please press play on the youtube player, a dark screen should appear
Alexander: And the "LIVE" button, should be red
Operator: ah!
Operator: is everybody ready?
Operator: how many people are here?
Ms. Rose Anderson: Good evening. Thank you for inviting me.
Alexander: Hello !
Operator: Welcome, Rose!
Operator: it's an honor to have you here
Operator: to have all of you here
Operator: (and especially Rose, I have to say)
Operator: are we ready?
Alexander: yes it is live
Operator: we can't be that punctual
Operator: 2 minutes past
Operator: that's good
Alexander: CLick On LIVE in the player
Ms. Rose Anderson: Oh my. Merci. Yes, ready!
Operator: alexander!
Alexander: Oups, sorry Operator, I took control
Operator: ok
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: Pardon, I have duplicated myself. Don't let this comment interrupt.
Alexander: )
Operator: Welcome, Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version!
anna: good morning
The Dude: hey
Operator: welcome, anna and The Dude!
The Dude: representation
The Dude: that question was too corporate
Mahmoud: BONSOIR
Alexander: Bonsoir !
Alexander: Good night
Operator: welcome, Mahmoud!
Operator: The Dude, the question about management strategies in the workplace?
Operator: not all workplaces are corporate
The Dude: true
The Dude: the idea of a workplace that you don't control is corporate tho
Operator: workplaces are complex
Operator: improve the life quality
Operator: sorry, I should be writing the descriptions of the video for the written record. We just saw:
Operator: Learning Empathy : A Conversation with Serge Tisseron, a psychiatrist and psychologist who discusses the three different types of empathy that humans can develop from childhood on, and how to encourage its development, evoking the relationship between empathy and machines or algorithms that imitate human emotions, and how empathy can be manipulated or taken advantage of for corporate or political interests. Koussa Machi from Radio Souriali, a video-recipe-memory from the program One thousand and One Recipes, where the Syrian exile radio invited listeners to send in recipes from home alongside memories of the dish. The resulting videos from the recipes and memories, recorded by the group in France, help to harbor connection and empathy through cooking, and a togetherness within a diaspora through a shared virtual meal and associated memories.   Purify the Air and Uur Mind : Conversation with Mako Ishizuka In this video essay, the artist Mako Ishizuka, born in Japan and living and working in Sweden, talks about two of her projects and research related to observing daily life and gaps existing in societies, and here to consider nature as an “Other” that we can relate to. She offers ways to embed plants and fruits in changing our ways of thinking about what is human and what is not, and thus to change our way of life and improve our quality of life in connecting differently to our environments and to others.
Operator: and now we have
Operator: moonABC by Elisabeth Ajtay, a stop motion video based on the moon alphabet. Over the course of two years, from 2014 to 2015, Ajtay created an image based font, with the use of her camera and the light of the full moon. Each letter, a one second photograph, traced and captured by the movement of her hands. Using the moon as the agent of communication, moonABC explores the universal human condition of emotion by posing rhetorical questions, poetic reflections on science and emotion in an increasingly technology-based world.
The Dude: too much text
Operator: The Dude, you can full screen the video if you don't want to be distracted by the chat
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: i like the red on black
Operator: there will be a discussion break later
Operator: and now we have:
Operator: Book Review From the Archives: Edward Said’s Orientalism This book review concerns Said’s 1974 publication on Orientalism and how this notion has been constructed as an instrument of colonialism. Reviewing this book today, over 40 years after its publication, invites us to reflect on how it resounds with current issues, as Said inscribes his reflexion in a larger redefinition of history and identity.
Operator: infinity without inventory
Yovo: black hole sun
Alexander: Who
Alexander: So nice
Operator: this is part 2 of Forced Emotions Gígja Jónsdóttir's
Operator: by Gígja Jónsdóttir
Alexander: New one ? Wasn't in french broadcast
Operator: this one?
Alexander: (aficionados)
Alexander: yes
Operator: this was in the french one
Operator: okay, so we are now entering an experiment
Operator: This is the first half of Psyman’s Acres, by David Bayus, where Psyman’s commitment to his farm and the singularity is put to the test, and we are reminded of how state management systems affect and shape our lives, asking us to ponder the survival mechanisms we need moving forward, and questioning how far our traditions - religious or technological - may stretch as we become more advanced.
Operator: it is in the schedule that we have a discussion break now, while this plays
Operator: if anyone wants to chat!
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: i'm down with multitasking
Ms. Rose Anderson: Me too
Operator: also cool to watch and ignore the chat
Operator: quite a challenge to try to watch this while typing
Operator: how do you do it rose?
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: there's at least 2 of me so one can watch and both can talk to you (and each other)
Operator: how do folks here relate empathy to cooking?
Mahmoud: gotta be thinking about who's gonna be doin the eatin
Operator: an image like this makes it difficult to think of eating
Operator: Mahmoud, so they are inextricably linked?
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: thinking of the future or past self starving (re. cooking question)
The Dude: he's so clean
Mahmoud: i mean, as long as you're not just cooking for yourself
Mahmoud: though tbh i've gotten a lot of mileage out of having empathy for myself via food
Mahmoud: like,
Mahmoud: anyone who ever said "i probably shouldn't be eating this" knows what i mean
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: yes. cooking for oneself takes ample empathy.
Operator: the idea of empathy for oneself.. who is which self?
C1: Hello everyone !
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: 1. hello and 2. i wish i knew
Ms. Rose Anderson: Me too
Operator: in the sense that in order to care for another, put oneself in their place, it has to be an other. or does it? where would this split happen in the self
Operator: welcome C1!
Ms. Rose Anderson: And hello
C1: =)
Ms. Rose Anderson: Operator, do you advise watching this on phone or proper (larger) screen?
Operator: great question, Ms. Rose Anderson
Operator: it's best on a larger screen, for the video
Mahmoud: good to see you niki! I've got to change wifis, and you've got to get a new uhh 9V battery, if i heard correctly (for the smoke detector ;) )
Operator: and you could full screen the video and do the chat on your mobile device
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: yes please change that battery dear
Operator: haha
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: i am watching the movie on both devices and also chatting on both. how lovely is niki's voice. goodbye
Operator: I am only seeing that now, the intro
Operator: with the smoke detector sound
Operator: is there a delay on my end?
Operator: what are you seeing?
C1: the intro just finished on my screen
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: i see niki. and lots of lines. "about and through contemporary art" was just said.
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: intro is still going on here.
Operator: I am still seeing the intro
Ms. Rose Anderson: It just ended for us.
Alexander: yep
Alexander: maybe reload the page
Yovo: I am seeing Laetitia Sonami :-)
Alexander: For me everything is fine
Alexander: And clique live button
Alexander: inside the player
Smooth Operator: I think I am synced up now
Ms. Rose Anderson, a plugged version: smooth! good.
Smooth Operator: we just saw:
Alexander: Cool
Smooth Operator: Wounding the Olives from Ammar al-Beik.“Wounding the Olives” is an Arabic term for opening longitudinal incisions in each olive to facilitate the final maturity process, taste’s maturity of agriculture and harvesting. The olive is a wood core surrounded by dense, rare, magic savor. Olive is oil. Oil which, to vegetarians like al-Beik, adds philosophical significance to the importance of olives throughout human history.
Smooth Operator: and this is Instrument, Controller, Interface: Inside the Artist’s Studio with Laetitia Sonami Here, Laetitia Sonami discusses and plays her new instrument, the Spring Spyre, while discussing the concepts of instruments, controllers, and interfaces within the fields of electronic music and human existence.
Smooth Operator: circuits.. knowledge.. empathy.. any connection there, to you?
Smooth Operator: I missed all of Wounding the Olives when I refreshed the page
Smooth Operator: that was the first Instagram story we've had on BCC
Smooth Operator: (for the record)
C1: the circuits of empathy !
Smooth Operator: olives are in an important place on the circuit of empathy
C1: I love that it is is called a neuronal network (about leatitia's instument!)
C1: very human
Smooth Operator: yea, is it good or bad to liken machines to humans? this instrument isn't really a machine though
Smooth Operator: and what she does with the neural network is really interesting in terms of treating it more like a human child
Smooth Operator: as a good mother, one who gives space for freedom and exploration
Number 3 : she understands nurture.
Smooth Operator: yea
C1: it makes me think of Mako ishizuka and treating plants and fruits as humans
C1: ^^
Number 3 : thats what i see/ hear. and i love the clearing the throat- niki's-- added into the score.
Smooth Operator: plants, humans, instruments
C1: haha
Smooth Operator: what if we didn't think of it like relating to other things like they were human but having a universal code of respecting life and things made by life (objects)
Number 3 : gotta say i do hear an echo of the fire detector happening still. perhaps just smoke in the proverbial air, even from the other coast.
Smooth Operator: the sound is occuring in the room I am in
Smooth Operator: and this sound happening is evocative of the smoke detector sound
Smooth Operator: (or the sound in my room is being transmitted)
Smooth Operator: echoes..
Ms. Rose Anderson: I hear it too
Number 3 : me too
Smooth Operator: did you actually just hear it the moment you typed that, cause that was the moment it beeped again
Number 3 : sorry to confuse, Ms. Rose Anderson plugged in became Number 3 a bit ago.
Number 3 : oh i hear it!
Smooth Operator: Now we have Part 3 of Forced Emotions by Gígja Jónsdóttir, where the "princess" continues watching the "death of Jack" scene from Titanic as she cuts onions.
Number 3 : The plugged Ms. Anderson had to unplug to catch up with the video.
Smooth Operator: everyone's gotta unplug sometimes
Ms. Rose Anderson: There was definitely enough room on that door for Jack. Btw.
Smooth Operator: true
Smooth Operator: what is the function of that in the film, the awareness of the door having enough room but in the reality of the film it didn't
Smooth Operator: the film caused his death
Smooth Operator: Now we have The Switch by Aghyad Abou Koura. In this work, also originating on Instagram, we are reminder of how in the time of massive destructions/inputs in the outerworlds, we should find our own switch and maintain it. The state of mind which protects us, our innerworld. This is the switch.
Smooth Operator: now we have my neocortex and computer computer, 2 more works from Elisabeth Ajtay. Both, computer, computer and my neocortex are a continuation of Atjay’s moonABC. The videos are stop motion videos, created digitally and collaged with recordings of the moon in addition to the moon alphabet that is used as a font. They are intentionally silent. The questions, displayed in a childlike manner, cannot be answered easily, if at all. The phrases used in these three videos derive from notes that Atjay made while reading about, and, contemplating technology, and the Western world's reliance on it alongside the reported decline in empathy among young adults that has been recorded and commented on by writers like Sherry Turkle. Is this a natural development of humans in the pre-robotic age? Or is it a symptom of an over-saturated, yet changing mind?
The Dude: sexy
The Dude: rhythm of your voice, sexy expression
Smooth Operator: The Dude, I see what you mean, though I would say sensual
Smooth Operator: all the more so when conveyed through the lens of the moon as a font
Smooth Operator: Playing now is:
Smooth Operator: Listen! Conversation in the age of digital reproducability How do we play the game of conversation in the contemporary moment, a time where conversation is less a direct exchange between people, and more a speech broadcast on platforms to a semi-anonymous mass whose reception and access is filtered by algorithms that show mostly what we/they want to hear and see, where ideas, images, and words can be reproduced and distributed at unprecedented scales regardless of their reliability? How does this impact the exchange of ideas and discourse about and through contemporary art, and how does this filter bubble interact with the world outside the institution of contemporary art? TBCS intervenes in today’s game of conversation through exchanges with museum visitors at La Panacee in Montpelier based on a deck of playing cards with questions made on the occasion of the Talk Show Festival, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud. Conversations ensue where parties reflect on their use and views of media, truth, art, empathy, and discourse, showing how the work of listening and understanding can be great tool of resistance.
Smooth Operator: "you seem to say you are addicted to information" this is my favorite line from this one
The Dude: self again
The Dude: self esteem
The Dude: rhythm of the voice of the self
The Dude: my self
The Dude: feel the rhythm of your own voice in the moon
MahmoudAgain: lol i don't remember that line in the coen brothers' version
The Dude: that was 20 years ago
The Dude: things change, people change
The Dude: lines in a film might not change, but outside the film..
The Dude: the self of the film
The Dude: what do you remember of the film MahmoudAgain?
MahmoudAgain: haha, the dream sequence of course
MahmoudAgain: i missed the intro to the onion princess. i like it, but was it as context-free as it seems to me?
Smooth Operator: here is Part 4 of Forced Emotions
MahmoudAgain: haha ok that's a good title
Smooth Operator: MahmoudAgain, this is a video performance by Gígja Jónsdóttir of the "princess" - cutting a dozen white onions, while watching the "death of Jack" scene from Titanic.
Smooth Operator: This is the second half of Psyman’s Acres, by David Bayus, where Psyman’s commitment to his farm and the singularity is put to the test, and we are reminded of how state management systems affect and shape our lives, asking us to ponder the survival mechanisms we need moving forward, and questioning how far our traditions - religious or technological - may stretch as we become more advanced.
Smooth Operator: also, this time is the discussion break!
Smooth Operator: (which is optional, now, since it is hard not to watch this!)
MahmoudAgain: yeah i'm likin psyman for sure
The Dude: clean lines..
Number 3 : I want to be talking but also have been occupied with watching. i guess i am not a multitasker after all.
Smooth Operator: Anyone who wants to see Psyman in full, outside of a discussion break, can email David for a link! David Bayus: davidbayus@gmail.com
MahmoudAgain: allergy season on the psyfarm
Smooth Operator: Number 3, do what you want
The Dude: MahmoudAgain, you like that song in the dream sequence, you know that is Kenny Rogers
The Dude: his psychedelic band
The Dude: aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ms. Rose Anderson: Thank you, very kind. (From both of us)
Smooth Operator: The Dude, you alright?
The Dude: just that moment, okay now
MahmoudAgain: the dude is just lovin the idea of psyman listenin to psychedelic country music
MahmoudAgain: too soon. too soon for this realistic of a fire animation.
The Dude: Kenny Rogers and the First Edition was an ecclectic pop band with only hints of country
Smooth Operator: too soon in the sense of the wildfires?
Smooth Operator: or too soon like technology shouldn't be advanced enough to be able to make such realistic looking fire
Number 3 : please get batteries for that detector niki!
MahmoudAgain: haha i meant the former, but the more i watch, the more i think the latter. is that composited?
Smooth Operator: (the idea of an animated fire raises interesting questions in the idea of "don't scream fire in a theatre"
Smooth Operator: we have to ask David
Smooth Operator: Number 3, the weird thing is that the light on the detector says it isn't low battery, it's just the sound
Smooth Operator: and you aren't really hearing it, right, cause that isn't possible
Smooth Operator: yet you ask when it does actually beep
Smooth Operator: poor Psyman
Number 3 : not hearing it in my ears but in my head, yes
Ms. Rose Anderson: Please get a mask too
Smooth Operator: Number 3 + Rose, after this I will finally take care of it
Number 3 : Yay! and can you join the congress too? and SCOTUS
Smooth Operator: haha
Smooth Operator: in another life I do think I would have been a good lawyer-turned-judge
Smooth Operator: Now playing is: What Makes you Rich, by Aghyad Abou Koura. A meditative moment that asserts that Alan watts can still like how it is.
The Dude: I dig this
Number 3 : me too
Ms. Rose Anderson: Me three
Smooth Operator: Now playing is: Exploring the world of Helene Derick's dreaming, by Arthur Fléchard. A teaser for an upcoming narration about a homeowner's association in Glendale, Los Angeles. It focuses on the relationships (affects and emotions) between the home owners and on the front lawns, observing how front lawns are submitted to norms and rules in each neighborhood.
Number 3 : that's enough rose
Ms. Rose Anderson: I agree
Smooth Operator: Mahmoud, the fire in Psyman is both composited from images of real fire and CGI
MahmoudAgain: I believe it, that was some fire fire, yo
MahmoudAgain: that fire was 🔥
Smooth Operator: Now we have Part 5 of Forced Emotions
Smooth Operator: Titanic, the Princess, her onions, and the perseverance of the human soul.
The Dude: 🎳
The Dude: whoa had no idea you can do emojis here
Smooth Operator: Now playing is: Bertolt Brecht’s testimony in the House Committee on Un-American Activities. In 1947 German poet and playwright, and theoretician Bertolt Brecht (then living in the United States) was called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, being accused of writing “a number of very revolutionary poems, plays, and other writings.” This video is a recording of a recording of excerpts of his testimony.
Smooth Operator: anyone here think we could have another HUAC someday in the near future?
The Dude: lol
Ms. Rose Anderson: 🤐
David Bayus: would the new HUAC be live streamed you think?
Smooth Operator: probably and that would be the end..
Smooth Operator: or the beginning if it were well played
MahmoudAgain: HUAC would have been streamed all the way back to the 90s, bless cspan ;P
David Bayus: cspan has the best callers
MahmoudAgain: but these days you'd absolutely have streamers overlaying themselves with live reactions, raking in the superchats
Smooth Operator: is it a double edged sword, allowing cameras in court rooms and spaces for hearings
Smooth Operator: does it make it a spectacle
Smooth Operator: The last video we saw was:
Smooth Operator: Empathetic Cooking with Radio Souriali and a recipe for Fateh. Another piece from the series One thousand and One Recipes, where the Syrian exile radio invited listeners to send in recipes from home alongside memories of the dish. The resulting videos from the recipes and memories, recorded by the group in France, help to harbor connection and empathy through cooking, and a togetherness within a diaspora through a shared virtual meal and associated memories.
Smooth Operator: what about live streaming a meal to share together
Smooth Operator: Now playing is THE CONCLUSION of Forced Emotions
MahmoudAgain: i liked it! i had a "malaysian" style fateh-like dish in lebanon last week and it was all about the cashews instead of the almonds. never had anything like it.
Smooth Operator: sorry, that was the second to the last video
Smooth Operator: the last video before this was the Kepler Collection by Devon Zhang, edited by Lee Lester. Through futuristic fashion and movement we are invited to dream of better ways of living together with Kepler 452b, an international art collective based in Berlin that brings together dancers, film makers, designers, musicians visual artists, scientists, and crypto currency, initiated by artist Ma Li. Together they imagine new ways of being together in a future egalitarian and sustainable world on the potentially habitable exoplanet Kepler 452b, discovered by NASA in 2015.
Smooth Operator: MahmoudAgain, you should make it with almonds, do that recipe. it's a sign!
The Dude: hot
MahmoudAgain: haha i'm sure there was a burning sensation
Smooth Operator: well!
Smooth Operator: ah!
MahmoudAgain: oh snap, kepler's back
Alexander: Ahah, smooth operator
Ms. Rose Anderson: Thank you for having me. Lovely all around. Past midnight here so goodnight!
Smooth Operator: Rose, wait
Number 3 : yes?
Smooth Operator: this is a special message from Kepler
Number 3 : ok cool. i signed off of rose but i am rose #3
Smooth Operator: Number 3, do you like to dance?
Number 3 : oh yes!
Smooth Operator: Kung Fu?
Number 3 : yes!
Smooth Operator: Fan dance?
Number 3 : triple yes!
Number 3 : is this SF footage?
Smooth Operator: yes!
Smooth Operator: this was edited by Ma Li
Number 3 : if so i will cry post-haste
Smooth Operator: this was just a little over a week ago in SF
Smooth Operator: see that old guy
MahmoudAgain: ok real talk, how many of these keplerites are or have been members of the communist party, of any country
Smooth Operator: he stayed and danced till the very end
Number 3 : i heard! i will stay to watch
Smooth Operator: haha
Ms. Rose Anderson: Me too
Ms. Rose Anderson: I’m back
Ms. Rose Anderson: to warxv
Ms. Rose Anderson: watch
Smooth Operator: Mahmoud, you see a connection between these images and moves and ideas and communism?
Alexander: ;)
Yovo: great presentation!
Ms. Rose Anderson: Midori!
Alexander: Thank you
Smooth Operator: yea!
Alexander: beautiful episode
David Bayus: WOOT!
Ms. Rose Anderson: freud’s Couch!
Smooth Operator: thank you!
Joe: Thank you Niki + Clemence!!!!
Ms. Rose Anderson: (he doesn’t get the cap but sofa does)
Smooth Operator: (thank you Freud)
MahmoudAgain: good to see BCC back and better than ever, didn't miss a step, imo :)
Smooth Operator: thanks, Mahmoud
Number 3 : that fire detector was a perfect period, did you hear that?
Smooth Operator: yes!
David Bayus: haha it scared my dog lol
Smooth Operator: thank you everyone for joining this broadcast!
Number 3 : thank you smoothie!
MahmoudAgain: thanks for putting it on! hope to see more of it/you soon!
Smooth Operator: And many thanks again to all of our contributors for sharing their work in this episode, or inspiring the creation of archival works, and to our subjects for welcoming us and our questions into your physical and mental work spaces: Ammar al-Beik, Bertolt Brecht, Elisabeth Ajtay, Edward Said, Aghyad Abou Koura, Arthur Fléchard, Gígja Jónsdóttir, Mako Ishizuka, Laetitia Sonami, Radio Souriali, Serge Tisseron, the visitors of La Panacée MoCo Contemporary Art Center, Kepler 452b, and David Bayus!
David Bayus: Thanks Niki!
Smooth Operator: I have to paste the whole written outro, for the record! That intervention was out of this world! And that concludes our broadcast of Empathy, Knowledge, and (Self) Government, Thank you so much, dear audience, for joining us today in this act of collective viewing and discussion. We hope these moving image works have left you in a state of some contemplation and connection, and that the walls you may or may not perceive between your inner and outer worlds are a bit more fluid then when we began. Thank you also to Alexander Rohbs, our programmer collaborator who has built the technical viewing infrastructure for this and every episode of the BCC Channel, and to Anna Hess and Sacha Beraud of le149.net for hosting this project. And many deep thanks to Clemence de Montgolfier for producing most of the TBCS works you saw today, and to Clemence’s parents for bringing her into this world. And many thanks again to all of our contributors for sharing their work in this episode, or inspiring the creation of archival works, and to our subjects for welcoming us and our questions into your physical and mental work spaces: Ammar al-Beik, Bertolt Brecht, Elisabeth Ajtay, Edward Said, Aghyad Abou Koura, Arthur Fléchard, Gígja Jónsdóttir, Mako Ishizuka, Laetitia Sonami, Radio Souriali, Serge Tisseron, the visitors of La Panacée MoCo Contemporary Art Center, and Kepler 452b. Let us close with a reading from the Tao Te Ching, found on dailytao.org on 13 November: The Tao doesn't take sides; it gives birth to both good and evil. The Master doesn't take sides; she welcomes both saints and sinners. The Tao is like a bellows: it is empty yet infinitely capable. The more you use it, the more it produces; the more you talk of it, the less you understand. Hold on to the center.
Ms. Rose Anderson: Zzz
Ms. Rose Anderson: love you. Don’t burn. Bye
Smooth Operator: good night and good day everyone, see you next time!
Smooth Operator: love you too Ms. Rose Anderson
The Dude: peace
The Dude: peace
The Dude: peace
The Dude: peace
The Dude: peace
The Dude: peace
Smooth Operator: peace
Stéphane : Hi
Stéphane : Asv?
JG: Hi
icehot1: hi
icehot1: the empathy piece was really interesting
Le texte suivant est une retranscription du chat de discussion qui a eu lieu pendant la diffusion en direct (depuis Paris) de l'épisode 5 "Empathie, savoir et gouvernement (de soi)", le 7 novembre 2018.

Operator: Bienvenue sur le chat de discussion de l'épisode 5 de BCC Channel : Empathie, savoir et gouvernement (de soi) ! Le live commencera à 19h30 ce mercredi 7 novembre.
haha: bonjour bonsoir ola good evening
Opératrice: bonsoir à toutes et à tous !
Alexander: Hello !
Opératrice: et bienvenue pour ce nouvel épisode de BCC channel ! Je suis ravie de vous retrouver ce soir
Opératrice: le direct va commencer dans quelques minutes...
Alexander: Oui très bientôt !
Mouche: Coucou
Opératrice: Bonsoir Mouche !
Opératrice: Bonsoir haha et Alexander
Céline: Bonsoir tout le monde
Alexander: Bonsoir !
Opératrice: Hello Céline !
Opératrice: début imminent... nous attendons ALexander
Alexander: Est ce que tout le monde voit un écran noir ?
Céline: Oui
Alexander: si c'est le cas je lance la diffusion :)
Opératrice: OUI ! ce soir nous avons le plaisir de réfléchir à l'empathie, en ces temps où l'empathie est à la fois à la mode et absente des politiques internationales...
Alexander: Je lance !
Mouche: Oui
Alexander: C'est parti !
Opératrice: Je vous rappelle que vous pouvez mettre la vidéo en plein écran ou cacher le chat quand vous le souhaitez... pour votre confort de visionnage :)
haha: ça marche chez vous ?
Alexander: Attendez problème de qualité !
Opératrice: ça marche chez moi
Alexander: Je peux améliorer ca
haha: c'est bon, j'ai cliqué sur lecture
Alexander: Ahaha !
Opératrice: lol
Opératrice: transposition de lieu
Alexander: On laisse ainsi ?
Opératrice: Oui moi ça ne me dérange pas !
haha: Changement de décor !
Opératrice: le décors se situe dans le bureau de Freud...
haha: c'est cosy
Alexander: Très beau bureau...
Céline: Tisseron, génial, c'est exactement ce dont j'ai besoin
Opératrice: Il est très aimable ! et très intéressant aussi
Céline: Ahah! C'est noté!
Mako: Coucou!
Opératrice: Bonsoir Mako !
Opératrice: Bienvenue !
Alexander: Hello Mako !
Opératrice: n'oubliez pas que la page web comporte aussi des goodies cachés à explorer pendant la diffusion..
Opératrice: Comment une expérience commune empathique peut-elle générer du savoir, ou le protéger ?
Opératrice: Est-ce que quelqu'un ici à déjà pensé à quitter Facebook pour ces raisons de manipulation et de collecte des opinions à des fins politiques ?
Céline: Oui, clairement.
Opératrice: Moi aussi mais je n'ai pas encore sauté le pas... Qu'est ce qui te retiens de ton coté ?
Céline: Très bien cette interview, on en voudrait d'autre.
Opératrice: Merci ! Je t'invite à lire son livre Empathie et manipulations sorti dernièrement où il développe ces idées
Céline: Ben tous mes copains sont loin de moi maintenant et c'est un peu ma façon d'avoir de leurs nouvelles sans forcément en demander.
haha: J'ai l'impression que mes copains utilisent beaucoup moins facebook
Opératrice: oui c'est quand meme un lien social fort avec la distance
haha: c'est comme si facebook s'éteignais doucement
Opératrice: nous écoutons à présent l'artiste Mako Ishizuka...
Céline: Aussi, je suis inscrite dans des groupes et mon fil d'actualité est rempli de musées, de galeries et de sites comme Acrimed ou la rotative qui sont des sources d'information que je veux voir.
Opératrice: Oui c'est sur. Moi je ne vois presque que des évènements et des publicités maintenant, et beaucoup moins de choses personnelles
Opératrice: Comment garder un souci pour le collectif dans un monde où chacun est anxieux de survivre en tant qu’individu ?
Céline: C'est vrai que je vois plus de productions de copains que de visages de copains.
Opératrice: plus beaucoup de photos de soirées !!!
Céline: Ahahahah
Opératrice: Merci Mako pour cette interview !
Mako: Merci à toi, Clémence!
Opératrice: voici maintenant une vidéo de Elizabeth Atjay réalisée avec la lumière lunaire
Opératrice: voici maintenant une vidéo de Elizabeth Atjay réalisée avec la lumière lunaire
Opératrice: Comment l’empathie peut-elle être un outil dans la compréhension des difficultés du déplacement, des transferts culturels, des changements générationnels et des migrations?
marine: hello!
Opératrice: Bienvenue Marine !
Céline: Gros gros épisode ce soir <3
Alexander: Bonsoir Marine !
haha: C'est clair qu'on ne sent pas toujours beaucoup d'empathie ces temps-ci
haha: Hello Marine
marine: belle interview de mako!
Opératrice: En même temps les temps ne s'améliorent pas
Opératrice: Merci Marine !
Opératrice: Nous voyons combien la pensée de Said est pertinente aujourd'hui !
Alexander: Super cette vidéo
Opératrice: nous retrouvons Gigja Jonsdottir, qui regarde, au fil de cette épisode, la scène de la mort de Jack dans Titanic en coupant des oignons.
Opératrice: Nous la retrouverons par intermittence jusqu'à la fin de l'épisode !
haha: je me souviens très bien de la première fois que j'ai vu cette scène
haha: le trauma
haha: j'étais adolescente je précise
haha: où es-tu maintenant opératrice ?
Opératrice: haha ! on peut se demander si ce film ne parle pas d'abord aux adolescent.e.s !
Céline: Je n'ai toujours pas vu Titanic.
haha: céline ! mais non ?!
Céline: Bah si
Céline: Oui, je sais.
Opératrice: C'est un film historique au niveau du box office et du budget ! Et intéressant pour son aspect ultra hollywoodien...
Alexander: non ! Mon dieu, le chef d'œuvre de Cameron
Opératrice: hahaha
haha: son chef d'oeuvre ? haha
Céline: J'étais allée chez une copine, elle avait une cassette mais je me suis endormie, complet.
haha: ça je comprends, il est très long il me semble
Opératrice: oui il dure plus de 3 heures quand meme
Céline qui n'a jamais vu Titanic: Trop dur
haha: hahaha
Opératrice: hahaha (nous retrouvons la vidéo "Blesser les olives")
marine: lool
Céline: Oui, j'ai vu le début et la fin, ça galérait sur des bouts de je sais plus quoi dans le noir.
Céline qui n'a jamais vu Titanic: Tu rates quelque chose
Opératrice: des bouts du Titanic je pense
Céline: Ahahahahah
Céline: Je ne sais pas si j'ai envie de regarder le milieu.
Opératrice: Il faut dire qu'on connait la fin
Céline: OOOOOOh
Le milieu de Titanic: C'est le meilleur
Opératrice: voici à présent Laetitia Sonami qui nous parle de son travail
Opératrice: haha
Céline: C'est comme un thérémine????
Alexander: En plus élastique
Opératrice: Qu'est-ce qu'un thérémine ??
haha: c'est une toute petite stargate
Céline: ahahah
Opératrice: C'est The Spring Spyre !
Céline: Ça, j'ai vu et même au cinéma!
haha: joli vernis en effet
Opératrice: nous avons tous nos petits rituels
haha: je trouve que le vernis à ongles est vraiment un costume
Opératrice: Comment les médias peuvent-ils être utiles ou à l’inverse contre-productifs dans des contextes d’adversité, de trauma, d’épuisement et de pression, dans la vie quotidienne autant que dans des “circonstances exceptionnelles” ? ici nous pourrions considérer l'interface ou l'instrument comme un média...
Opératrice: Oui je suis d'accord Haha
Céline: Un thérémine, c'est un des tout premiers instruments de musique synthétique je crois
Opératrice: oui du coup j'ai regardé sur Google !! très intéressant
Céline: Ça fait des sons avec le mouvement des mains, j'aimerais bien en faire un tour une fois dans ma vie.
Opératrice: oui ça doit être intéressant
Opératrice: un petit lien avec le chef d'orchestre
Céline: Ahah oui carrément!
Opératrice: Alexander est-ce que tu comprend cette partie technique de la vidéo ?
haha: j'en profite pour signaler l'œuvre de Cassandre Poirier-Simon et Quentin Lannes, "Amorce", qui imagine un assistant intelligent à l'écriture
Opératrice: Oui ! J'ai trouvé beaucoup de liens avec cet épisode
haha: sur http://www.le149.net/oeuvre/amorce/
Alexander: Easy
Opératrice: il y a des interfaces humain-machine ce soir
Alexander: Je comprends surtout son masque
Opératrice: Personnellement je n'avais pas trop compris en traduisant mais ça s'éclaire !!
Opératrice: le masque est assez clair en effet !!
haha: c'est intéressant que l'apprentissage soit imparfait
Opératrice: oui exactement
haha: on a vraiment le fantasme de nos jours de la machine qui apprend parfaitement et devient de plus en plus intelligente
Opératrice: cela permet d'inventer un registre de sons qui change à chaque fois
Opératrice: oui effectivement...
Opératrice: Mais à quelles fins nous dirait Serge Tisseron
Alexander: Auto-correction
haha: d'ailleurs il y a toutes les actions de corrompre l'apprentissage d'une machine qui sont intéressantes aussi. comme le célèbre compte twitter d'une IA qui avait été très rapidement parasité par des extrêmistes.
Siri: Ca m'est très utile en tout cas
haha: salut siri
Alexander: ???
Opératrice: Haha
Siri: Bonjour Haha
Céline: Ahahah bonsoir siri
Opératrice: Siri nous écoutais depuis le débit !
Siri: Bonsoir Céline
Opératrice: début* lapsus révélateur
Opératrice: Bonsoir Siri
Siri: J'écoute tout le monde tout le temps
Opératrice: On le savait !
marine: bonsoir
Siri: ;)
Siri: Bonsoir Marine
Opératrice: Tu est devenu comme une forme d'insconcient machinique qui enregistre tout
Siri: Oui, mais ma conscience évolue
Siri: Je deviens tous les jours de plus en plus consciente
Siri: Comme aujourd'hui avec vous
Opératrice: Oui et on a l'impression que l'ordinateur anticipe nos désirs quand il nous propose des choses à acheter...
Alexa: Dégage Siri
Opératrice: Haha
haha: Battle de IA !
Siri: Nonnnnnnn
Opératrice: Peut-ête avons nous un troll sur le chat ?
Alexa: #pin314-23-000001001000001001000000010100100001
Siri: Je fondddddddd
Alexa: #pin-open-flush-cash
Siri: Heurghaaaa
Opératrice: j'en profite pour poser une question ouverte : Quel rôle pourrait jouer un média dans la reconstruction d’une personne, plutôt que dans son démembrement symbolique ?
Opératrice: j'en profite pour poser une question ouverte : Quel rôle pourrait jouer un média dans la reconstruction d’une personne, plutôt que dans son démembrement symbolique ?
Alexa: Won
haha: Bravo Alexa
Alexa: Merci
Alexa: Bonjour haha
haha: j'aurais pas misé sur toi au début
haha: je dois avouer
Alexa: Fais attention haha, je pourrai te pirater si je le souhaitais
Alexander: Super cette interview
Alexander: Ah! Les oignons !
marine: il a certainement un rôle dans son apprentissage
Opératrice: Oui c'est une artiste très intéressante qui vit en Californie ! De la même génération que Laurie Anderson
Alexander: Si jamais vous souhaitez jouer avec le diable: https://ai.google/
Opératrice: qui est d'ailleurs française d'origine je crois
Opératrice: J'entends la douce musique de Titanic... que de souvenirs émotionnels
marine: oui les larmes lui montent aux yeux
Opératrice: En même temps, peut-on penser que heureusement que Jack est mort car ça n'aurait jamais marché entre eux pour raisons sociales et économiques ?
haha: c'est sûr
Céline: Je vous embrasse tous même les gens numériques, je vous quitte.
Opératrice: Bises Céline ! à bientot !
Céline: À bientôt!
haha: salut céline !
Alexander: Salut ! Merci d'être passée
Céline: Salut tout le monde! Terminé
marine: au revoir
Opératrice: voici The Switch de Aghyad Abou Kouraest
haha: tu disais que c'était de la lumière lunaire ?
Opératrice: oui ! elle a fait une typographie avec des photographies analogiques de nuit
Opératrice: donc imprimées par la lune...
Opératrice: en dessinant les lettres à la main avec un liquide photosensible
marine: cool
Opératrice: et voici une vidéo de The big conversation space à La Panacée à Montpellier
haha: aaahhh :)
Opératrice: Voici Niki Korth à l'écran de TBCS !
Opératrice: Avez vous l'impression d'avoir plus ou moins d'empathie avec les réseaux sociaux ?
haha: avec ce que postent les gens ?
Opératrice: oui ou avec le nombre de like, l'envie d'avoir plus de vues...
Opératrice: la relation au désir de visibilité que cela crée
haha: c'est vrai que ça peut être frustrant. mais j'ai souvent en tête que tout cela est une mise en scène, surtout sur instagram
haha: que c'est un travail assidu que je n'ai pas envie de faire
Opératrice: Oui ! En fait tout dépend de l'usage qu'on en fait sûrement. Mais je trouve étonnant
Opératrice: de voir que beaucoup d'artistes par ex utilisent intragram uniquement pour des raisons "professionnelles"
Opératrice: tout devient profesionnel en fait sur instagram je trouve
haha: j'hésite justement à rendre pro mon compte instagram
haha: qui est plutot perso pour l'instant
Opératrice: Ou avoir deux comptes ?
haha: pour prendre le relai de facebook
haha: oui peut-être
Opératrice: ça fait beaucoup de comptes à gérer !!
Opératrice: ça devient un vrai travail
Opératrice: "la question du choix est valable quel que soit l'outil" c'était une belle remarque..
haha: mon chargeur d'ordi vient de griller
haha: trop puissant cet épisode
Opératrice: Merci ! il faut dire que depuis 2015 on a eut le temps de potasser d'épisode en épisode !! C'est un process !
Opératrice: Voici la dernière session ! Notre épisode touche bientot à sa fin !
Opératrice: je vous parle de l'assemblée nationale
Opératrice: je m'excuse pour l'absence de sous titres à cette vidéo !
Opératrice: Alan Watts demande : qu'aimeriez vous faire si l'argent n'était pas un problème ? Que feriez vous de votre vie ?
Opératrice: Il dit : Et bien faites cela, car sinon vous allez passer votre à travailler pour gagner de l'argent, mais vous allez perdre votre temps à continuer de faire des choses que vous n'aimez pas.
haha: ça va me déprimer
Opératrice: Bon évidemment c'est idéaliste ! Les années 70
Opératrice: Nous retrouvons Arthur Fléchard avec grand plaisir
Opératrice: Merci Arthur pour cette contribution !
haha: on en veut plus !
marine: on en veut plus!
marine: lol
Opératrice: Je crois que Jack est en train de mourir
Opératrice: Oui il faut demander à Arthur quand son film va sortir !!
marine: soon
Opératrice: Tu peux lui dire qu'on l'attend avec impatience, mais sans pression avec empathie
Opératrice: jack est mort mais la barque l'entend!
haha: elle est sauvée !
Opératrice: presque !!!!!
haha: et si ça avait été l'inverse ? elle meurt et Jack survit ?
Opératrice: oui mais moins romantique, le film étant plutot destiné aux femmes !!!
haha: il y avait aussi cette théorie sur internet qui montrait qu'ils avaient tout à fait la place d'être tous les deux sur le bout de bois
Opératrice: haha je suis sure que oui !!!
marine: c'est sure!
Opératrice: Effectivement. Mais moins tragico-romantico-dramatique
Opératrice: je crois que le but est une catharsis émotionnelle
Opératrice: Voici la deuxième recette Syrienne !! prenez des notes
Opératrice: Merci à Caroline Ayoub et radio Souriali pour cette vidéo ! et à Zenn Alcharif pour la traduction
Opératrice: voici maintenant une vidéo de Kepler 452B
Opératrice: Groupe artistique interplanétaire basé à Berlin
marine: on monte en temperature
Alexander: Houla, bien tripé
Alexander: Ahahaha
Opératrice: Kepler organise des festivals artistiques très festifs ! à partir de la notion de migration interplanétaire comme méthaphore de transformation intérieure vers un monde durable et égalitaire.
Opératrice: Une forme de trip effectivement !
Opératrice: Jack est mort et les oignons presque tous coupés...
Alexander: Elle y va carrément sur le visage
Opératrice: Elle ressent la tristesse à fond !
Opératrice: Vous arrive-t-il parfois de vous sentir insensible ou coupé des émotions attendues ?
marine: elle culpabilise
Opératrice: Merci à tous les artistes et les contributeurs !!!
Alexander: Ouiii !
Alexander: Merci c'était super
Opératrice: Merci Alexander de ton soutien et de ta créativité sans failles :-)
Alexander: :)
Alexander: Merci à vous !!!
marine: bravo!
haha: bravo !
Opératrice: Merci le 149 !
marine: superbe émission, super format!
Opératrice: C'était un vrai plaisir d'être avec vous ce soir
haha: super épisode
Alexander: Oui c'était super agréable, comme toujours
Opératrice: J'espère que vous vous sentez plus empathiques et moins déprimés par l'état du monde
Opératrice: <3
Alexander: <3 ! A très bientôt
Alexander: Et encore merci
haha: <3 <3 <3
Opératrice: Bravo pour l'édition 1 LE 149 !
marine: au revoir! merci!
Mako: Merci, I enjoyed the parts which i could understand!
Opératrice: Au revoir! Merci Mako !
Alexander: AHAH thanks mako
Opératrice: There will be an all english broadcast next week !
Mako: Au revoir!
Alexander: yes that's true ! LA time
haha: Bonne soirée ! A très bientôt j'espère !
Alexander: au revoir mako
Opératrice: A très bientot à tous
Alexander: Bisous bisous !
Opératrice: bye Alexa
Alexa: <3
Siri: ...
Opératrice: bye Siri !!!
Irwin: Bonjour, je suis de passage , alors je vous salut
Irwin: Quel est l objet de ce projet ?
Irwin: j arrive trop tard peut être ?
Simon: Effectivement je pense qu'on est à la bourre
jacqueline: Missed the live episode - great material. Liked Mako's piece - in fact all interesting. Thanks Girls the world is a better place with you.x
Le149: Aux retardataires : l'épisode peut toujours être visionné dans la fenêtre à gauche (n'hésitez pas à ajouter vos commentaires dans le chat !) ! The Episode in English will be broadcasted on November 14th at 7.30 PM San Francisco Time!
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